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Solange Knowles wears KHIRY in Numero Berlin
May 23, 2019
I have followed and LOVED Solange's work since Sol Angel and the Hadley Street Dreams. We met, briefly, a year ago at the Ace Hotel in New York. I was meeting Satchel Lee for drinks, and waiting in the hotel’s cozy lobby when in she strode, blonde Afro forming the perfect halo, with a quiet and self-assured authority. I showed her my sketches, including custom “Solo” drops I had designed after her namesake, and told her the ways that A Seat at the Table had been so instrumental in helping me feel safe and seen at a time where life was so hectic and confusing. She said to me, after thumbing through page after page, “Your work is why I do my work”. And that single utterance did so much to encourage me to keep pushing.

Solange Knowles wears KHIRY Khartoum Hoops Nude in Gold Vermeil. Styled by Jessica Willis and shot by Marcus Cooper for Numéro Berlin Issue 6, “Amerika”. May or may not have cried a single sensitive thug tear at this one y’all.
- J

Numero Berlin
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