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Jameel Mohammed at the 2021 Met Gala
September 13, 2021
KHIRY Creative Director Jameel Mohammed at the 2021 Met Gala, in full KHIRY Look of Macrame Flogger Top, and remade vintage Solo Spike Cargo Pants.

Honestly so much to process during this past week, so many dreams come true, so many moments asking, “what is life”, trying to remain grounded, and to experience the moment.

Perhaps my favorite moments at the Met Gala were when I got the chance to connect with so many of the Black and Brown legends that have inspired me as an artist and entrepreneur. It was incredibly affirming to hug, to look into each other’s eyes, and state simply “We deserve this, we are meant to be here”.

In that small recurring interaction was a recognition that so few of our lives had started in ways that would make this meeting on the upper east side, in luxurious finery, at the heart of a storied institution seem probable; and that there was both beauty and pain in the journey. It was a recognition that in our various fields, and various ways, our fight was fundamentally connected to those of the activists outside who had not been admitted; to create a society that can more readily reckon with our worthiness, our talent, our beauty and creativity; a world where we wouldn’t have to feel like the exceptions to a tragic rule.

- J

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