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Solange Franklin wears KHIRY in Profile for i-D Magazine
September 21, 2020
"The personal is inexorably political, but I want my joy unlinked from someone else’s agenda. This tension informs my search for freedom within fashion and image curation. The way we are framed determines if a knee is on our neck; if our pigment justifies a lethal, no-knock mistake; if the sight of our backs indicate dignified human flesh or a threatening target."

Solange Franklin wearing KHIRY Khartoum Hoops Embellished from her personal KHIRY collection in a profile for i-D Magazine entitled "Up and Rising". Mrs. Franklin Reed is a legendary stylist, fashion editor, and consultant, whose work can be see in the Washington Post, Marie Claire, and with a bevy of iconic clients including Solange Knowles, Serena Williams, and Tracee Ellis Ross. We're so grateful and proud to have had her support over the years and to have had the honor to be featured in her work since the brand's inception!

Shot by Philip-Daniel Ducasse and styled by our friend Raymond Gee.

i-D Magazine
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Khartoum Hoops Embellished

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