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Laverne Cox wears KHIRY
April 27, 2021
The lovely and legendary Laverne Cox bringing us sweet, sweet fantasy.

Ms Cox is wearing the KHIRY Khartoum I Ring Embellished with Rose Quartz.

Styled by Christina J Pacelli with thanks to The Residency Experience

From her personal instagram:

"I love making pretty pictures. When I was younger I used to stare at pictures of beautiful women and imagine I was them, living the life I assumed they were living because they looked beautiful and affluent in pictures. Yes affluent, attaining class privilege was a huge part of the fantasy. I imagined the beautiful women in magazines were living luxurious lives with a bevy of suitors from which to choose.
Now with the help of amazing photographers, makeup artists, hairstylists, stylists and retouchers( can't forget the retouchers) I can take pretty pictures too, pictures that even remind me of some of the beautiful photos I would stare at and dream the dream when I was younger. But as I lie here all alone in my bed staring at this beautiful photo I still am imagining the life this woman must be living. This image feels like the fantasy but the reality is I'm still me with my traumas that I am working on healing, my insecurities, all the things that come with aging, feeling disconnected because of this pandemic, scared and unsure of the future. In short, I'm still me with all my mess. Lol. Taking pretty pictures didn't save me. I still have to do the internal work, the healing work. It's hard work
But in the moment I took this picture I felt that full fantasy, if just for that moment. I'm so grateful for those moments when my fantasy is my reality. In a way that's maybe more than anyone could ask for, those moments. I'm so blessed.
Photo: Danielle Levitt
Hair: Kiyah Wright
Makeup: Deja Smith
Styling Christina J Pacelli

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