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Janelle Monae wears KHIRY in Soho House Magazine
March 1, 2021
“There’s a lot of intersectionality. When I think of my style, rebellion was always at the forefront of it – it wasn’t just about community; it wasn’t just my uniform. I’m trying to pay homage to working-class folks like my mumma and my daddy and my grandmother. But also, nobody can tell me how I’m supposed to dress as a Black artist – you can’t tell me that I should be more feminine or masculine; I’m all about blurring the lines. As somebody who lives outside the binary in fashion, style and gender, I’ve always wanted that to be very clear in my career.”

Janelle Monáe wearing the KHIRY Khartoum II and Ark Rings for her Soho House profile “Rise and Shine.”

Styled by Alexandra Mandelkorn

Many thanks to the The Residency Experience!

Soho House
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