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Aurora James wears KHIRY for FNAA Person of the Year Award
December 8, 2020
"‘There were seven or eight days consecutively over the summer where I was throwing up every day,’ James recalled. ‘The emotional labor became too much for my body. It’s important that we also address those moments — those lows can be very low – but that’s part of the process. When people think about the work, they think about computers and tasks that can be delegated. But there’s an emotional labor from having to inspire people to change the way that they run their businesses.’”

Aurora James, founder of Brother Vellies and the 15 Percent Pledge, in conversation with Footwear News. Last night James was honored as FN’s first Person of the Year for her determination to revise the industry.

James wears the KHIRY Khartoum II Ring with Black Onyx Inlay.

Photography by Sage East

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Khartoum II Ring with Onyx Inlay

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