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Akili wears KHIRY to the Met Gala
May 7, 2019
What makes this moment extra special for me, is to have been able to help dress my friend (and high school ballet partner!) Akili King, for her first Met Gala. She started at Vogue Magazine last year and is a Beauty Editorial Assistant and worked as a greeter for the 2019 Met Gala. Beyond the glitz and glam (of which she brings PLENTY), this moment is incredibly personally fulfilling because I’m in the company of folks I love, and whose wins I feel as if they were my own. To have KHIRY as a part of this big moment in her career is such the epitome of what I want the brand to mean to people, and the place I hope it plays in their lives and journeys.

My good friend Akili looking like the Girl with the KHIRY Earring, in Collection 002, Tiny Khartoum Hoops Embellished in Gold Vermeil. Styled deftly with head-to-toe Gucc!! - J

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