The Sterling Unity Link Set

Matching fine sterling earrings, celebrated this couple's unbreakable bond.
February 25, 2020

The initial idea: two pairs of earrings for the couple; J and T, to wear on their wedding day. They wanted the design to celebrate their bond, marrying their shared interest in a sculptural silhouettes and silver-tone styling with a desire that each piece be customized to show each woman's unique personality.

We started with a series of renderings, after landing on the idea to do a drop for J and a stud for T, using the same elements to bring the set together.

After we had final approval on the designs and renderings, the pieces were submitted for production in New York's Manhattan Diamond District, where the top and bottom link elements were first 3D printed in castable wax. Each 3D print is packed in plaster, and melted, before the cavity was filled with molten sterling silver. The resulting silver castings were polished to a shine, and attached to earring posts, ready to deliver.

The drop earrings in production

Custom Sterling Silver Studs, pre-wedding
Sterling Silver Hug Link Drops, pre-wedding

The couple traveled to T's home country of Guatemala for the wedding, surrounded by friends and family. The earrings were an absolute hit!

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