The Hidden Diamond Ring

18k Gold and reclaimed white diamonds formed a unique symbol of two families becoming one.
March 27, 2020

The Initial Idea: A wedding band for Sameer, a fashion-engaged music industry mogul, (and long time KHIRY customer) that would honor the legacy of his mother's South Asian heritage. He wanted to incorporate white diamonds that his mother had set in nose rings that she wore frequently before her passing. Simultaneously, he wanted the piece to incorporate KHIRY signature elements; high polish and a streamlined silhouette with symbolic heft and a modern perspective.

After several rounds of sketching, we settled on an ideal rendering.

Initial concepts featured the diamonds set on the ring's top, but were deemed overly flashy. The client's suggestion

The diamond hand-off in Columbus Circle with Alex, the bride to be.
White Diamonds, recovered from the client's mother's gold nose rings

The ring, cast from solid gold with before polishing and diamond-setting.

The ring showing markings that demonstrate stone placement
The ring features the diamond's set into the ring's internal shank for a rare, intimate take on fine jewelry that inspired the jeweler to say he "hadn't seen anything like it in 15 years of business".

The completed piece
The Hidden Diamond Ring on Sameer
The couple tied the knot on a rainy Monday at City Hall in New York right before th

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