The Khartoum Pavé Charm

The KHIRY Signature Khartoum Silhouette, rendered in solid 18k gold and white diamonds. Commissioned by 65 CPW Editor Christopher Niquet.
February 17, 2020

The initial idea: A KHIRY signature Khartoum Silhouette charm for 65 CPW founder and editor Christopher Niquet. After meeting Jameel after featuring him on the platform, Niquet wanted a piece that would combine KHIRY's clean lined Afrofuturist minimalism with uber-luxe materials, for a resulting piece imbued with opulence.

Consultation also available via DM!

The image that accompanied Jameel's feature in the 65 CPW feature

Pre-production renderings demonstrating stone placement and scale
3D Rendering demonstrating stone placement for each of the 115 stone settings

Diamonds in motion!


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