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Khartoum I Ring Nude

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"Even the woman who has everything will love this Khiry ring when she wants to add glitz to her look. Jameel Mohammed, the label's 22-year-old designer, created the ring in the shape of cattle horns to honor the significance they have for a Sudanese nomadic tribe."
"The bracelets and rings in his first collection were clean and unadorned — like gestural brush strokes worn across a wrist or finger."
"Redefining Luxury: At the end of his sophomore year, Mr. Mohammed visited Japan, where the chief executive of a “noted luxury retail conglomerate” told him that “that the only true luxury brands in the world are either from Milan or Paris.” The comment infuriated Mr. Mohammed because it suggested that a black aesthetic could not be considered “high fashion” and seemed to make definitive claims about an industry that was rapidly changing. 'it felt like an incredibly out-of-touch thing to say,'he said."

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Khartoum I Ring Nude

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